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Giới thiệu ZanityMU x50 Server Grand!

Giới thiệu ZanityMU x50 Server Grand
Giới thiệu ZanityMU x50 Server Grand Opening in April 30 at 18:00 (+2GMT)

Link - Giới thiệu ZanityMU x50 Server Grand

Giới thiệu ZanityMU x50 Server Grand Thông Tin Server:
Website: http://muonline.scf.lv/
Gồm 2 sv là sv x500 đã mở gần 1 tháng có ổn định ~100 người online và 1 sv x50 sắp mở
Class cân bằng, đồ + zen có giá

ZanityMU is well configured server, with balanced characters,
interesting gameplay, events and more !
Please register in forum and follow to newest news and events
in forum, also invite friends using referral system !
Good Luck !
x50 Server Grand Opening in April 30 at 18:00 (+2GMT)
Season 6 Episode 3
Exp: x50
Drop: 50%
Max Stats: 32767
Points Per Level: 5/6/7
Official MU Helper (10000 zen for 5min.)
Requirement create level for class: MG-250, DL-250, SUM-250, RF-250
Marry System and Commands Work
Market System Work
Master Skill Tree Work
Max Skill Tree Level: 200
Guild Create Level: 300
Max Party Level Difference: 150
Party Exp Bonus (Silver and Gold)
Holiday Exp Bonus
In-Game Cash Shop x
/tracemarry - teleports you to your husband/wife
/marry and /acceptmarry
/add - add stats (/addene, /addstr, /addagi, /addvit, /addcmd - 500000 zen)
/post - global chat, requirement level: 80 (100000 zen)
Reset Level: 400
Reset Price: 10kk * resets
Stats After Reset: Clear (SM,BK,ELF,SUM - 1200 Free Points and MG,DL,RF - 1400 Free Points * Resets)
Reset Reward: 10 Free Credits
Grand Reset From: 30 res
Stats After Grand Reset: Clear (10000 Free Points * GR)
Grand Reset Rewar: 5000 Free Credits
Reset Stats
Exchange wCoins
Clear Inventory & Skill Tree
Vote Reward System
Market System
ItemShop System
Exchange Online hours to Credits
Referral System
And More...
Earn Free Credits by inviting players
To get Free Credits, you must use your referral link (referral link: HERE)
Your friend must register under your referral link
For every friend 1 reset you receive 10 credits and your friend 10 credits
Blood Castle
Devil Square
Chaos Castle
Golden Dragon Invasion
Cry Wolf
Blue Event
Summer Event
Boss Attack
Halloween Event
Happy Hour Event
Hit and Up Event
Illusion Temple
Lucky Penny
Raklion Event
Sky Event
Summer Event
Ring Attack Event
Castle Deep Event
Kanturu Event
And More...

Forum: http://forum.gamevn.com/threads/zanitymu-x50-server-grand-opening-in-april-30-at-18-00-2gmt.1182526/

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